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Mating Shaft Diameter 1/4” and metric versions
Magnetic Coupling Cover Engineered plastic
Starting Torque 0.5 oz-in max
Enclosure Aluminum (sealed aluminum castings)
Maximum RPM 5000 RPM
Moment of Inertia 60.2 X 10-4 oz-in-sec2
Maximum Acceleration 24,000 rad/s/s
Torsional Flexibility 0.37 deg/oz-in
Kinematic Error 3 arc-minRMS
Weight 18 oz
Supply Voltage 5 to 28 VDC available
Voltage/ Output 28V/V: Line Driver, 5-28 VDC in, Vout = Vin
28V/5: Line Drive, 5-28 VDC in, Vout = 5 VDC
28V/OC: Open Collector, 5-28 VDC in, OC out
Current Requirements 100 mA typical + output load, 250 mA (max)
Protection Level reverse, overvoltage and output short circuit
Code Incremental
Output Format 2 Channels in quadrature, with ½ cycle index gated with negative B channel
Cycles per Shaft Turn 1 to 2,048 (See Table 1)
Frequency Response 100 KHz
Output Terminations (See Table 2)
Temperature Operating, 0° to 70°C; storage (non-operating), -25° to 90°C.
Consult factory for extended temperature ratings.
Shock 25 g’s for 11 msec duration
Vibration 5 to 2000 Hz @ 10 g’s
Humidity 100% RH with condensation
Enclosure Rating IP67 / IP68 (Consult factory for IP68 applications)