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The overspeed switch function on the 90mm range – a sturdy mechanical security module without external power supply:

  • Radial commutation centrifugal switch without permanent contact
  • High quality mechanics reliability
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Securised system, works without power supply
  • Modular mounting possibility
  • Commutation speed: standard calibration range between 800 and 4000 rpm (rotation per minute).


Material Cover: Zinc Alloy
Body: Aluminum
Max. Speed 1,5 . ns
Weight 1,10kg
Operating Temperature -30 … +130°C
IP(EN 60529) IP 65 (Mounted)
Switch Speed 800 … 4 000 rpm
Principle Centrifugal
Mechanical Life-Time 500 000 Cycles
Contact Type Opened or Closed
Max Current 6A / 240 Vac
Contact Material Silver-Cadmium
Maximum Breaking Sequence 4/min
Breaking Accuracy min-1 - 5% … +8%