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This product comes with a standard 1”-14 diameter threaded connection and a convertible adapter that allows its use in systems with a 5/8”-18 threaded connection. This encoder has an UL, cUL, and ATEX/CENELEC intrinsically safe rating when installed with the proper barriers (refer to BEI P/N 924-60004-XXX series on the back of this specification sheet). This barrier is high performance, galvanically isolated and carries US and European agency approvals. It is suitable for ALL Hazardous locations, regardless of gas and dust types.


Code Incremental
Output Format 2 channels (A and B) in quadrature ± 27° electrical, with index and complements (see Figure 1)
Cycles per Shaft Turn Up to 5,000 (see Table A)
Supply Voltage 5 or 9V
Current Requirements 120mA (typical)
Output Device 5V/OC, 9V/OC, 5V/OCR,40mA max current sink;5 or 5V/V line driver 100mA source/sink; 5V only
Frequency Response 150 KHz
Output Termination Pinouts See Table 1
Shaft Bore 0.375” diameter through with convertible adapter for 1” or 5/8” air coupler.
Starting Torque at 25°C 7in-oz
Shaft Material 416 stainless steel
Bearings 52100 bearing steel
Bearing Housing Die cast aluminum
Bearing Life 7.5 X 109 revs at rated load (50,000 hrs at 2500 RPM)
Maximum RPM 6,000 RPM (see frequency response, below)
Moment of Inertia 0.019 oz-in-sec2
Weight Approximately 18 oz.
Enclosure Rating NEMA 4/13 (IP65)
Temperature -40° to +80°C standard
Shock 50 G/s at 11msec duration
Vibration 5 to 2000 Hz @ 20 G’s
Humidity 98% RH without consideration