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Shaft Bore 1.750” max
Allowable Misalignment Axial: ±0.030 (with R2), ±0.050 (with R1), Radial: 0.005 T.I.R.
Bore Runout 0.002” T.I.R.
Running Torque at 25°C Dual seals (SS) = 30 in-oz (max); Single seal (BS) = 18 in-oz (max)
Bearings 52100 dual preloaded bearings
Shaft Material Stainless Steel
Bearing Housing Die cast aluminum with protective finish
Cover Die cast aluminum with protective finish
Bearing Life 5 X 1012 revs
Maximum RPM 5,000 RPM (see Frequency Response, below)
Moment of Inertia 0.063 oz-in-sec2 max
Weight Approximately 2.3 lbs single output, 2.6 lbs dual output
Code 5 to 28 VDC available
Output Format Incremental output format, 2 channels with complements, in quadrature,
1/2 cycle index gated with negative B channel
Cycles per Shaft Turn Up to 8192
Supply Voltage 5–28 VDC ( ± 5%)
Current Requirements 100 mA (typical) per side + output load, 250 mA (max)
Voltage/ Output 28V/V: Line Driver, 5–28 VDC in,Vout = Vin
28V/5: Line Driver, 5–28 VDC in, Vout = 5 VDC
28V/OC: Open Collector, 5–28 VDCin, OCout
Protection Level Reverse, overvoltage and output short circuit
Frequency Response 150kHz
Output Terminations (See Table 1)
Enclosure Rating IP65 (NEMA 4 & 13)
Temperature Operating 0º to 70ºC standard, -40º to 85º C optional,
storage -40 to 90° C
Shock 50 g’s for 11 msec
Vibration 10–2000 Hz @ 20 g’s
Humidity 98% RH without condensation