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  • Robustness and excellent resistance to shocks / vibrations
  • Protection level to IP53
  • High Resolutions Available: Up to 40,640 ppr
  • Universal Electronic Circuits from 5 to 28 Vdc +/- 10% Vdc
  • Operating temperature range up to -40° to +85°C 
  • High bandwidth: Up to 1MHz


Shaft Diameter 1/4 inch nominal
Shaft Loading Up to 5 pounds axial and 5 pounds radial
Shaft Runout 0.002 T.I.R. at midpoint of shaft
Starting Torque at 25°C 0.20 in-oz (max)
Bearings Sealed, instrument grade
Shaft Material 416 stainless steel
Bearing Housing Aluminum with protective finish
Cover Drawn aluminum
Bearing Life 1 X 109 revs (10,000 hrs at 1500 RPM)
Maximum RPM 5,000 RPM nominal (see Frequency Response, below)
Moment of Inertia 1.0 X 10-4 oz-in-sec2
Weight 6 oz (max)


Output Format 2 channels in quadrature, 1/2 cycle index gated with negative B channel
Cycles Per Shaft Turn See Resolutions list, below
Supply Voltage 5-28 VDC
Current Requirements 100mA typical + output load 250mA (max), 150mA (max) with 28V/5
Voltage/Output 28V/V: Line Driver, 5–28VDCin, Vout = Vin
28V/5: Line Driver, 5–28VDCin, Vout = 5 Vdc
28V/OC: Open Collector, Vout = OC, Vin = 5 - 28 Vdc
Protection Level Reverse, overvoltage and output short circuit
Frequency Response 100kHz (non-interpolated),Up to 1 MHz interpolated
Output Termination Pinouts See Output Functions, below


Enclosure Rating NEMA 3. (IP53)
Temperature Operating, 0º to 70º C; extended temperature testing available, -40º to 85º ; storage, -40º to 90º C
Shock 50 G’s for 11 msec duration (1/2 Sine)
Vibration 20 to 2000 Hz @ 20 g’s
Humidity 98% RH non-condensing


Type Housing Face Mount Resolution (Number of Cycles) Interpolation Channels Voltage/Output Output Termination Special Features

L = Light Duty
15 = 1.5 inch diameter

M = Standard F25 = Standard 1 to 2540
See Resolutions section
T2, T3, T4, T5, T8,T10, T12, T16 ABZ
See Output Functions
28V/V: Line Driver, 5–28VDCin,Vout = Vin
28V/5: Line Driver, 5–28VDCin, Vout = 5 Vdc
28V/OC: Open Collector, Vout = OC, Vin = 5 - 28 Vdc
See note 2
SCS = Shielded, Jacketed Cable with Cable Gland Seal and Cable length in inches (i.e. SCS18 = Pigtail 18 inches)
See Output Functions
S= Special features specified on purchase order (consult factory)
See note 3