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  • Low profile package saves space
  • Excellent resistance to shock and vibration
  • 30mm standard through shaft, PEEK reduction hub available
  • High protection level of IP66
  • High performance in temperatures from –40°C to +100°C
  • Resolutions up to 10,000 PPR, incremental or 16 BITS absolute
  • Terminal box, M12 or cable output terminations
  • Encapsulated electronics
  • TTL and HTL electronics
  • Reinforced electrical output available on some incremental and absolute models
  • Wiring fault tolerant with terminal box connection
  • Long cable drive capability

Software & Driver Downloads

Note: We have recently updated our company information and received Microsoft certification on our drivers for Windows XP and Windows 7. Please uninstall any previous versions of the drivers or software before using new versions.

For BEI Products: LP Series Programmable Encoder

  • Download the Programmable Encoder zip folder to the right.
  • Install the USB driver (unzip the file, run ‘CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe' or ‘CP210xVCPInstaller_x864.exe)
  • Install the programming software (save the file, run 'LP-Series-Programmable-setup.exe', follow prompts).


Housing Size Standard: Ø 90mm X 26mm deep
Terminal Box: 128mm tall X 116mm wide X 25mm deep. (See dimensional drawings for detail)
Shaft Size Hollow Shaft: Ø 1/2” to Ø 1” blind or through
Solid Shaft: Ø12 mm x 20 mm with keyway, Ø 3/8“x 7/8“ with flat
Hollow Shaft w/ Integrated Coupling: 14mm, 20mm, 1/2”, 3/4”
Permissible Shaft Loads Axial: 40 N
Radial: 80 N
Shaft Runout Hollow Shaft: 0.1 mm [0.004”] TIR
Solid Shaft: 0.02 mm [0.001”] TIR
Hollow Shaft w/ Integrated Coupling: N/A
Static/ Dynamic Torque 30 / 300 mN.m [4.2/ 42 oz-in] @ 25°C
Bearings 6807 - Sealed
Material Cover: Clear anodized aluminum
Body: Clear anodized aluminum
Shaft: AISI 303 stainless steel
Bearing Life L10h(Theoretical Mechanical Lifetime)

> 18.109 turns / 100000 hours

Continuous Max. Speed 6000 RPM, (Reference Chart 1. Speed vs Temperature)
Shaft Moment of Inertia < 84000 g.mm2 [11.9 x 10-3 oz*in*sec2]
Weight (approx.) Terminal Box: 790g
M12 or cable: 450g
  Absolute Incremental
Output Format SSI compatible (RS422) Two channels in quadrature + index and complements
Resolution Up to 16 BITS Up to 10,000 CPT
Encoder Accuracy ±0.1° ±0.1°
Supply Voltage Vcl 5-30 Vdc Cable or M12: 5-30V (28/V) and 4.75-30V (28/5)
Terminal Box: 11-30V (28/VR),5-30V (28/V) and 4.75-30V (28/5)
Supply Current (No Loads) 75mA Typ Cable or M12: 75mA
Terminal Box: 100mA (28/VR), 75mA (28/V and 28/5)
Current Per Channel Pair 40mA max Cable or M12: 40mA
Terminal Box: 60mA (28/VR), 40mA (28/V and 28/5)
Voltage/Output 28/SI: SSI RS485 w/o parity
28/SR: SSI RS485 reinforced w/o parity
Terminal Box version only
28/V: Line driver 5-30 V In/Out; PushPull
28/5: Line driver with 5 V (TTL) regulated output
28/VR: Push Pull 11-30V reinforced. Terminal Box version only
Short Circuit Proof 28/SI: Yes (except to V+)28/SR: Yes Cable or M12: Yes (28/V) and Yes (except to Vcl) (28/5)
Terminal Box: Yes (28/VR), (28/V) and (28/5) except to Vcl
Reverse Polarity Tolerant Yes Yes
Wiring Fault Tolerant & Overvoltage Prot. 28/SI: No
28/SR: Yes
Cable or M12: No
Terminal Box: Yes Up to 60Vdc (28/VR) and No (28/Vand 28/5)
Frequency Response Cable or M12: Up to 1MHz
Terminal Box: Up to 300kHz (28/VR), Up to 1MHz (28/V and 28/5)
Cable or M12: Up to 1MHz
Terminal Box: Up to 300kHz (28/VR), Up to 1MHz (28/V and 28/5)
Output Terminations Cable, M12 or Terminal Box Cable, M12 or Terminal Box
EMC EN 61000-6-2 : 2005, see user manual for details
EN 61000-6-4 : 2017 + A1 : 2011, see user manual for details
EN 61000-6-2 : 2005, see user manual for details EN 61000-6-4 : 2017 + A1 : 2011, see user manual for details
Isolation 1000V 1000V

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