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The 8MPP2 low pressure sensor utilizes Sensata’s field proven automotive Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) technology that outputs fully conditioned pressure values via the digital I²C bus. The 8MPP2 features best-in-class performance including high accuracy, low power consumption, and long-term stability in a convenient package for mounting and electrical connection.

Compatible with natural gas, air and other gaseous media, the 8MPP2 is an atmospheric pressure reference sensor that accurately measures pressure in the 0-1 psig to 0-5 psig range.

Product Number Full Scale Pressure Range l2 C Address Mode Update Rate (valid for Update Mode Only)
8MPP2-01-0x28-U-1 1 psig 0x28 Update Mode 1.5 ms
8MPP2-05-0x28-U-1 5 psig 0x28 Update Mode 1.5 ms

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