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  • Output ratings up to 60 Amps at 600 VAC
  • Built-in overvoltage protection
  • Integral heat sink eliminates the need for complex thermal calculations
  • Cage clamp terminal type accept up to 3 AWG wire size
  • IP20 touch-safe housing
  • Contactor configuration
  • AC control
  • C-UL-US Listed and VDE approved


Description 60A
Operating Voltage (45-65Hz) [VRMS] 48-600
Transient Overvoltage [Vpk] 1200
Maximum Off-State Leakage Current @ Rated Voltage [mARMS] 1
Minimum Off-State dV/dt @ Maximum Rated Voltage [V/sec] 500
Load Current, General Use UL508/LC A IEC62314 @ 40°C [ARMS] 60
Load Current, Motor Starting UL508 FLA/LC B IEC62314 @ 40°C [ARMS] 26/14
Minimum Load Current [mARMS] 150
Maximum 1 Cycle Surge Current (50/60Hz) [Apk] 1290/1350
Maximum On-State Voltage Drop @ Rated Current [VRMS] 1.15
Maximum 1/2 Cycle I² t for Fusing (50/60Hz) [A² sec] 8320/7593
Maximum Power Dissipation @ Rated Current [W] 69
Minimum Power Factor (at Maximum Load) 0.5
Motor Rating UL 508/IEC62314 [HP (kW)]: 120 VAC 2 (1.5)
Motor Rating UL 508/IEC62314 [HP (kW)]: 240 VAC 5 (3.73)
Motor Rating UL 508/IEC62314 [HP (kW)]: 480 VAC 10 (7.4)


Description DR4560Axxx
Control Voltage Range 90-280 VAC/VDC
Maximum Reverse Voltage -
Minimum Turn-On Voltage 90 VAC/VDC
Must Turn-Off Voltage 5 VAC/VDC
Minimum Input Current (for on-state) 3 mA
Maximum Input Current 4 mA
Nominal Input Impedance Switch Mode
Maximum Turn-On Time [msec] 20
Maximum Turn-Off Time [msec] 30


Description Parameters
Dielectric Strength, Input to Output (50/60Hz) 4000 VRMS
Dielectric Strength, Input/Output to Case (50/60Hz) 4000 VRMS
Minimum Insulation Resistance (@ 500 VDC) 109 Ohms
Maximum Capacitance, Input/Output 8 pF
Ambient Operating Temperature Range -40 to 80 °C
Ambient Storage Temperature Range -40 to 100 °C
Ambient Storage Temperature Range 100kA
Weight (typical) 17.63 oz (500 g)
Housing Material UL94 V-0
Heat Sink Material Aluminum
DIN Rail Clip Material Zinc Plated Steel
Hardware Finish Nickel Plating
Input Terminal Screw Torque Range (lb-in/Nm) 5/0.5
Load Terminal Screw Torque Range (lb-in/Nm) 18-20/2-2.2
Humidity per IEC 60068-2-78 93% non-condensing
LED Input Status Indicator Green
Overvoltage Category III
Impulse Withstand Voltage According to IEC 60664-1 6kV 6kV


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