G62LC SeriesLatching relays provide a unique feature that can be used in any basic relay form, SPST, SPDT, or DPDT. Most relays and contactors are considered “fail safe.” Fail safe relays require coil power applied continuously to make sure the relay is switched. Once coil power is removed the moveable contact in a fail safe relay returns to its default position. Latching relays require a momentary coil pulse to change the position of the moveable contact. Continuous coil power is not required to keep the relay in a particular switched state. When the application circuit needs to switch a latching relay it sends a pulse to the coil to change the moveable contact position.
Product SeriesRated Voltage (KV Peak) DC or 60HzMax Carry (Amps) DC or 60HzFormWeight Nom (g)Downloads
G12L Series8102C= Single Pole Double Throw71Datasheet
G8L Series1530C = Single Pole Double Throw85Datasheet
G2L Series1550C = Single Pole Double Throw85Datasheet
3D STEP Jam Nut Mounting
G13L Series15102C= 2xSingle Pole Double Throw142Datasheet
3D STEP Jam Nut Mounting
G15L Series1512C = Single Pole Double Throw85Datasheet
G62LC Series2518C = Single Pole Double Throw340Datasheet
G61LA Series3510 1Datasheet
G61LC Series3510C = Single Pole Double Throw336Datasheet
G60L Series3512C = Single Pole Double Throw85Datasheet
G64LC Series5010C = Single Pole Double Throw340Datasheet
G71LA Series7010 12Datasheet
G71LC Series7010C = Single Pole Double Throw12Datasheet


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