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Part #HS103

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  • 1.0°C/W Thermal resistance
  • Suitable for 1, 2 or 3 single or dual Solid State Relays or one 3 Phase/Motor Reversing Solid State Contactor
  • DIN rail or panel mounting


Control Voltage Panel Mount Din-Rail Mount
Model Number HS103 HS103DR
Thermal resistance [°C/W] 1.0 1.0
Surface area [in2/cm2] 227/1470 227/1470
Heat sink mounting Panel Mount Din-Rail Mount
Weight [lbs/grs] 0.97/440 1.20/544
Material Aluminum Aluminum
Finish Black Anodized Black Anodized
SSR Mounting Holes/ threads 6, 8x32 6, 8x32
Mounting screw torque [in lbs/nm] 15-20/1.7-2.2 15-20/1.7-2.2
Number and type of relay accepted 1,2 or 3 single or dual or 1, 3-Phase 1,2 or 3 single or dual or 1, 3-Phase
Accepts Fan/size [mm] Yes/ 2-40 Yes/ 2-40