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The DRA1 Series combine DC output PCB mounted Single-in-Line Solid State Relays with 10mm wide DIN rail mounted sockets to create ready-to-use assemblies, which are ideal for low to medium power control for heating, lighting or motion control applications.

Main features of the DRA1 Series DC output assemblies are:

  • Ratings from 3A to 10A and 1 VDC to 200 VDC
  • Single Channel Output
  • Transistor or FET output
  • LED input status indicator
  • DC control
Part NumberControl Voltage RangeMaximum Load CurrentOperating Voltage Range
DRA1-CMX100D103-10 VDC10 A1-100 VDC
DRA1-CMX100D63-10 VDC6 A1-100 VDC
DRA1-CMX200D33-10 VDC3 A1-200 VDC
DRA1-CMX60D103-10 VDC10 A1-60 VDC
DRA1-CMX60D53-10 VDC5 A1-60 VDC
DRA1-CMXE100D1020-28 VDC10 A1-100 VDC
DRA1-CMXE100D620-28 VDC6 A1-100 VDC
DRA1-CMXE200D320-28 VDC3 A1-200 VDC
DRA1-CMXE60D1020-28 VDC10 A1-60 VDC
DRA1-CMXE60D520-28 VDC5 A1-60 VDC
DRA1-MPDCD33-32 VDC3 A3-60 VDC
DRA1-MPDCD3-B3-32 VDC3 A3-60 VDC

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