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  • Switch element qualified per MIL-PRF-8805, Enclosure Symbol 5, gas-tight, hermetic seal with dry nitrogen backfill
  • Momentary, maintain, or locked toggle actions
  • Optimal for both low level circuits and switching up to 4 amps
  • Excellent shock and vibration resistance


  • Spacecraft / space capsule control
  • Space Suit EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity)
  • Lunar Rover control
  • Battery circuit control
  • Weapons System Control
  • Aircraft Cargo or Hoist Control
  • Military Ground Vehicle
  • Oil and Gas


Switch Element QPL per MIL-PRF-8805/68
Seal, Hermetic Per MIL-PRF-8805, Enclosure Symbol 5 (1x10^-8 cc Helium/second)
Shock 100G, 6 millisecond
Vibration 10-3000 Hz, 30G (no contact chatter > 10 microseconds)
Current Rating 4 amps max. (resistive) at 28 VDC
Voltage Drop 4mV max (0.040 ohms) at 100 mA and 6VDC
Temperature -65 °C to +135 °C
Dielectric Strength 1000 Vrms (terminal to case), 800 Vrms (terminal to terminal) with 0.5 milliamp max. leakage
Insulation Resistance 100 Meg-ohms at 500VDC