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Part #IWR-PORT-232

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  • 2.4GHz Wireless to Comms Gateway
  • Enables easy add-on of wireless networks to existing Ethernet or RS232/485 systems
  • Allows remote sensors to be incorporated into an Ethernet or RS232/485 network without the need for expensive cabling
  • Optional analog & digital outputs can be obtained using SCISOSLICE modules


Parameter Min. Type Max. Comments
Supply Voltage 16 24V 30  
Supply Current (mA) 100   120 24Vdc supply
Ethernet Interface       10Base-T or 100Base-T
Connector   RJ45    
Protocols       For Ethernet version Modbus TCP/IP or RTU
Rs232 Data Rate 2400 38400 57600 Baud
Date Bits   7 or 8   8 Digital Inputs and 4 Relay Outputs
Parity       Odd / Even / None
Isolation Voltage 1 kV     Optional built-in GPS module
Operating Ambient 0ºC   +55ºC  
Relative Humidity 0%   90%  
Surge Voltage 2.5kV for 50μS     Transient of 10kV/μS
  1. 0V
  2. 16-36 V dc / 16-32 V ac
  3. Ground
  4. RS-232 Transmit or RS-485 B -ve
  5. RS-232 Receive or RS-485 B +ve
Part Number Description
IWR-PORT-E Ethernet
IWR-PORT-232 RS-232
IWR-PORT-485 RS-485

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