IO-Link is a digital, point-to-point, industrial communication networking standard used for connecting digital sensors and actuators to either an industrial fieldbus or an industrial Ethernet and it is the starting point for implementing Industry 4.0 architectures.

Sensata IO-Link portfolio of encoders and position sensors is based on new sensing technology which provides the accuracy and the robustness required in the typical IO-Link applications like factory automation, machine tools, production lines, intralogistics, and packaging machines.

Sensata is the only manufacturer offering both Industrial housed and modular packages, both available in Absolute Single-Turn or Multi-Turn options; the Incremental series includes a unique dual output option with incremental channel and absolute value through IO-Link. Radial or Axial output orientation, M12 connector or cable output, solid shaft, blind shaft or through the shaft, different shaft sizes, and a complete range of mounting accessories permit have the solution available for any application requirement.

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