With over two decades of high-volume experience and millions of devices installed worldwide, Kavlico Pressure Sensors’ low-range differential pressure (DP) transducers provide performance levels unparalleled in the Building Automation Industry.
With applications ranging from HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) to Refrigeration Systems and Chillers up to VAV (variable air volume), Kavlico pressure sensors provide a distinct advantage.

By offering several different pressure sensing technologies, Kavlico can provide solutions for an abundance of applications. Understanding the challenges faced by the design engineers to meet modern technology requirements for HVAC/R systems, along with variable air volume applications (VAV) and refrigeration equipment, this is critical to Kavlico’s success. With inherent long term stability and accuracy, Kavlico’s rugged line of pressure sensors can be configured to meet unique applications by having a wide variety of housings, pressure ports, electrical connections, along with voltage, milliamp and digital output options to choose from.

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