Sensata is a leader in the development, manufacture, and sale of sensors and controls for heavy duty applications.

Overall, we have two main global business units (Performance Sensing and Sensing Solutions) and worldwide global operations supported by business and product development centers and sales offices.

Performance Sensing

Sensata’s Performance Sensing business is a market leader in Heavy Vehicle & Off Road (HVOR) and automotive markets.

Our products include a full line of pressure sensors for cars, trucks and heavy off-road vehicles. They can be used for everything from improving performance and safety to helping the environment by reducing emissions. Our sensors and switches detect pressure, temperature, air flow, gas, humidity, speed, position and provide on/off controls used in automotive and heavy duty applications.

Sensing Solutions

Our Sensing Solutions business is a major player in worldwide industrial sensing, electrical and power protection industries. Our products monitor pressure and temperature for energy efficiency and a clean environment and prevent damage from overheating and fires, protecting people from injury.

In the HVAC and industrial markets our pressure product portfolio serves many industrial applications – covering all sensing principles from absolute to relative and differential. Our pressure switches are designed to meet the needs in a variety of industrial applications requiring precise repeatable pressure control over a wide range of ambient conditions.

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