Facilities around the world are a main contributor to global energy consumption. HVAC systems play a significant part in energy consumption and that’s where Sensata can help you build cleaner and more efficient applications. Our sensors help increase energy efficiency and system reliability, are compatible with most environmentally friendly refrigerants and enable greater connectivity. We also have products designed specifically for hydronic applications, having a deep understanding of the role boilers, pump systems and smart meters play in a sustainable building.

We manufacture millions of sensors every year for mission-critical, hard-to-do applications. We get involved very early in the design process, right from the concept level, and we partner with you to achieve more competitive products while meeting regulations. Our team of engineers have the experience and expertise to innovate and problem solve no matter what your sensor challenges are.

Within the very complex area of smart buildings, Sensata's sensors will help you achieve more efficient pumps, boilers, home heating solutions, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, access control applications, and more. Together with you, we enable a cleaner and more efficient world.

Learn more in the Sensor Solutions for Smart Buildings Brochure.