Hydraulic applications rely on fluid power or the use of pressurized fluids to generate, control and transmit power. Fluid power is used in a wide range of industrial applications including self-propelled scissor lifts, injection molding, machine tools, steel making and metal extraction, paper industries, textile machinery, disability lifts and security and parking barriers.

Pressure sensors are critical components in these hydraulic systems, where they are used to help control the fluid pumps and ensure the system pressure is within a specified range. If a pressure sensor was to fail in these types of applications, the feedback to the control of a motor would be interrupted- potentially leading to equipment failure, costly downtime or safety issues for workers using the equipment.

This white paper provides an overview of the following:

Learn about common challenges and the top five key specifications to consider when selecting pressure sensors, like Sensata’s PTE7100 series, for hydraulic systems with pressures greater than 50 bar (725 psi) in this white paper.

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