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Part #AHM506-16BT-001

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  • Absolute single-turn position with 16bits of resolution
  • IO-Link COM3 with minimal cycle time of 1ms
  • Easy programming with standard IO-Link tool
  • Simple device replacement with Data Storage capability
  • Universal power supply by IO-Link Master
  • Robust and excellent resistance to shock and vibration
  • High protection level IP65, IP67 option with a sealing flange
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C
  • Standard M12 connector



Cover: Zinc Alloy
Body: Aluminium
Shaft: Stainless Steel

Bearings 6000 Series 6803 Series
Maximum Loads Axial 50 N 20 N
Radial 100 N 50 N
Shaft inertia 2,5.10-6 kg.m2 (10mm) 2,9.10-6 kg.m2 (14mm) 3,2.10-6 kg.m(14mm)
Torque 4.10-3 N.m 16.10-3 N.m 20.10-3 N.m
Permissible Max. Speed 12 000 min-1 6 000 min-1
Continuous Max. Speed 10 000 min-1 6 000 min-1
Encoder Weight (Approx.) 0,300 kg
Theoretical Mechanical Lifetime 109 turns (Faxial / Fradial) 30 N / 60 N : 26 20 N / 40 N : >36
Ver. Output signals Operating Voltage Supply Current (no loads) Current per Channel Pair Short Circuits Proof Reverse Polarity Tolerant Frequency Capability Resolutions category Operating Temperature Range
ZIO IO-Link 18-30V <75mA <40mA Yes Yes Up to IO-Link COM3 (230, 4 kbits/s) Full Programmable (1 to 16 bits) -40°C…+85°C
Family Shaft Size (Contact factory for other configurations) Mechanical Option Voltage Output Code Resolution Output Termination Output Orientation Cable Length
AHM5: Solid Shaft Encoder
AHK5: Blind Shaft Encoder
AHO5: Hollow Shaft Encoder
06: 6 mm
09: 9.52 mm
10: 10 mm
08: 8mm (Option)
AHK5 or AHO5:
10 mm
12: 12 mm
14: 14 mm
15: 15mm (Option)
Blank: No option
OM: Flange side clamping
ZIO: 18-30V IO-Link B: Binary 16: 16bits single turn position BF: M12 5 Pins
BD: PUR Cable with M12 - 5 Pins
BJ: PVC Cable - 3 wires
R: Radial (All configurations)
A: Axial (AHM5 and AHK5 only)
xxx: Cable Length (ex.: 020 = 2 Meters)
Blank: No Cable



D0****: AHO5 with aluminum reduction sleeve
D1****: AHO5 with insulated reduction sleeve
D2****: AHK5 with aluminum reduction sleeve
**D2**: 9445/012 AHO5 Stator coupling
**D4**: 9445/015 AHO5 Stator coupling
**DK**: 9445/016 AHK5 & AHO5.../OM/ Stator coupling
**03**: 9500/003 Synchro flange
**05**: 9500/005 Square flange

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