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  • Usable up to SIL3 and Cat.4 / PLe according IEC 61508 / EN ISO 13849
  • Suitable for safe motor feedback according to IEC 61800-5-2
  • Especially designed for heavy-duty (steel, paper, wood, mills, cranes…). Compact and robust conception. Excellent resistance to shocks/vibrations
  • Aluminium (DSM9H) or stainless steel (DSM9X) version available
  • 90mm diameter encoder, 11 mm or 12 mm solid shaft
  • High temperature performance - 20°C to +85°C
  • Power supply 5Vdc or 11/30Vdc
  • Digital TTL/RS422 or HTL Push-pull or sine/cosine 1Vpp output
  • Available resolution up to 2048 ppr
  • Connector or cable output – side or end orientation


Material Cover: powder coated aluminum
Body: aluminum
Shaft: AISI 303 stainless steel
Cover: stainless steel
Body: stainless steel
Shaft: AISI 303 stainless steel
Bearings 6100 series - sealed
Maximum Loads Axial: 100 N
Radial: 200 N
Shaft Inertia < 23,500 g.mm2
Shaft Seal Double lips
Static/Dynamic torque DSM9H 20 / 150 mN.m
Static/Dynamic torque DSM9X 40 / 200 mN.m
Permissible max. speed 9,000 RPM
Continuous max. speed 6,000 RPM
Theoretical mechanical lifetime L10h 7.25 X 109 turns / 20,147 hours
Encoder weight (approx.) 1.0 kg 2.0 kg


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