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  • Usable with standard and Safety encoders
  • Suitable for simultaneous safe and non-safe motor feedback connections
  • TTL/RS422, HTL or sine 1Vpp encoder interfaces
  • Safe output: same as connected encoder interface
  • Non-safe output: TTL/RS422 or HTL user selectable
  • Power supply for encoders: 5Vdc or 11-30Vdc user selectable


Housing Material Polyamid, red color
Dimensions (W x H x D) 22.5 x 108 x 114.5mm
Fixing mode DIN rail
Weight 140 g


Splitter power supply +Vin 11-30Vdc 250mA (*)
Encoder Power Supply Selectable : +Vin or 5Vdc, 200mA max
Max encoder frequency 300kHz
Encoder Input TTL/RS422 or sine 1Vpp
Safe output (Direct encoder signals transmission) Same as interfaced encoder
Secondary Output (Not safety rated) Selectable: TTL/RS422 or HTL
Encoder input connection Terminal blocks
Secondary output connection Terminal blocks
Safe output connection RJ45 connector


The splitter does not contribute to the overall failure rate (safety chain) since it has no known failure modes or diagnostics. The safety-related parameters are dependent on the connected encoder and safety controller and can reach up to SIL 3 / PLe Cat 4.

Protection (EN 60529) IP20
Humidity (EN 60068-2-38) 93% @ 65°C for electronics (Housing may show mechanical deformations when cumulating high humidity with high temperature cycles)
Shock (EN 60068-2-27) 300m.s-2 (during 11 ms)
Vibration (EN 60068-2-6) Amplitude 3.5 mm or acceleration 50 m.s-2 (10 … 200 Hz)
Operating temperature -20°C to +65°C
Storage temperature -20°C to +70°C
EMC Immunity Test EN 61000-6-2:2016, increased levels in accordance with IEC 62061
EMC Emission Test EN 61000-6-4:2018, increased levels in accordance with IEC 62061
Isolation 500 Veff
Functional Safety IEC 61508
IEC 62061
ISO 13849-1
IEC 61800-5-2


Family Model
EAR 001: Splitter for TTL/RS422 or sine 1Vpp encoder interface
002: Splitter for HTL encoder interface