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The Nova22 DR45 is a powerful and compact solid state relay in a DIN rail 45mm wide package with an output rating up to 60 Amps @ 40°C offering mounting flexibility (on panel or DIN rail) and convenient input connection options. Its high I²t capability and optional built-in overvoltage protection make it suitable for demanding heating, motion and lighting applications.

Its contactor configuration and large cage clamp terminals allow connecting wires up to 3 AWG size on the output without the use of any additional accessories making them truly ready-to-use devices, therefore reducing installation cost and time.

UL Listed and VDE certified, the DR45 is a safe and versatile solid state relay with superior performance when compared to previous generation and competitor products in similar sized packages.

Additional features of the Nova22 DR45 Series DIN rail mount SSRs include:

  • Integral heat sink eliminates the need for complex thermal calculations
  • Cage clamp terminal type accept up to 3 AWG wire size
  • IP20 touch-safe housing
  • Contactor configuration
  • AC or DC control
  • C-UL-US Listed and VDE approved
Part NumberControl Voltage RangeMaximum Load CurrentOperating Voltage Range
DR4560A45 90-280 VAC/VDC45 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560A45J 90-280 VAC/VDC45 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560A45P 90-280 VAC/VDC45 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560A45PJ 90-280 VAC/VDC45 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560A45R 90-280 VAC/VDC45 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560A45RJ 90-280 VAC/VDC45 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560A45RP 90-280 VAC/VDC45 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560A45RPJ 90-280 VAC/VDC45 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560A60 90-280 VAC/VDC60 A  48-600 VAC
DR4560A60J 90-280 VAC/VDC60 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560A60P 90-280 VAC/VDC60 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560A60PJ 90-280 VAC/VDC60 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560A60R 90-280 VAC/VDC60 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560A60RJ 90-280 VAC/VDC60 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560A60RP 90-280 VAC/VDC60 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560A60RPJ 90-280 VAC/VDC60 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560D45 4-32 VDC45 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560D45J 4-32 VDC45 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560D45P 4-32 VDC45 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560D45PJ 4-32 VDC45 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560D45R 4-32 VDC45 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560D45RJ 4-32 VDC45 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560D45RP 4-32 VDC45 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560D45RPJ 4-32 VDC45 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560D60 4-32 VDC60 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560D60J 4-32 VDC60 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560D60P 4-32 VDC60 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560D60PJ 4-32 VDC60 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560D60R 4-32 VDC60 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560D60RJ 4-32 VDC60 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560D60RP 4-32 VDC60 A 48-600 VAC
DR4560D60RPJ 4-32 VDC60 A 48-600 VAC

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