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Part #011JG180A-155Y

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  • Hermetic glass seal
  • Ideal for surface and immersion sensing
  • Multiple mounting and terminations available
  • Case isolated and case grounded versions


Contact Ratings Download datasheet to see full Contact Ratings
Contact Operations Either close on rise (make) or open on rise (break), SPST (Single Pole, Single Throw)
Operating Temperature +140ºF to 480ºF (+60ºC to 249ºC)
Temperature Tolerance Standard of ±5°F with nominal operating temperature settings in 5°F increments
Long Term Exposure Limit -65°F to 625°F (-53.8°C to 329.4°C)
Note: Please consult the factory if lead wire/terminal exposure temperatures are expected to exceed 220°F. (Refer to inside notes B & C )
Dielectric Strength 1000 Vrms 60Hz (isolated case) terminals to case (contacts open)
Insulated Resistance 50 meghoms at 500 Vdc
Thermal Shock MIL-STD-202, Method 107 Test Condition B
Materials Cold-rolled steel, nickel plated enclosure with a glass seal. Applications up to 300°F have a Mylar® sleeve with an epoxy fill, those above 300°F have a Nomex® sleeve and a high temperature epoxy fill.
*Exposure limited should be kept to within 100°F of the operating temperature. Consult factory if conditions require otherwise.
Contact Operation Family Terminal Selection Mounting & Enclosure Top Temperature (in °F) Top Temperature Tolerance Code Bottom Temperature (in °F) Bottom Temperature Tolerance Code

O, C

See Contact Operation Table

5011 Series

A, D, J, K, L, M, N, P, Z

See Terminal Selection Table

C, E, F, G, H, RR*, SS*

See Mounting and Enclosure Selection Table

See Temperature Codes and Tolerance Table (Available in Increments of 5°F)

A, C, N

See Temperature Codes and Tolerance Table

See Temperature Codes and Tolerance Table

A, C, N, Y

See Temperature Codes and Tolerance Table

  • Printed circuit board protections
  • Air or water cooled engines and transmissions
  • Fluid sensing

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