Resource | 07/25/2019

Solid State Relay Selection Guide

Learn what solid state relays (SSRs) / contactors are, the benefits of using solid state switching technology, and what types of applications SSRs serve in this brochure.

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Resource | 05/10/2019

Motors & Actuators Brochure

Precision linear and rotary voice coil actuators (VCAs) and brushless DC motors (BLDCs) for producing, sensing and controlling motion in the medical, industrial, aerospace and defense markets.

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Resource | 04/01/2019

Encoder Modules & Signal Accessories Brochure

There are a lot of possible combinations of encoder outputs to the desired output and data adjustment needed.

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Resource | 03/19/2019

Repair, Rotable & Exchange Program

Sensata has the ability to work with you to ensure you have the airworthy article you need through our Repair & Exchange Program.

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Resource | 07/03/2018

Why Use Solid State Switching Technology? Brochure

What is a Solid State Relay / Contactor?

A Solid State Relay or Contactor (SSR or SSC) is an electronic component that switches Power (AC or DC current) to a load circuit and provides ele

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Resource | 06/03/2018

Aerospace Products Overview

Our range of aerospace product solutions help improve safety, efficiency and comfort in flight control, landing gear, power distribution, engine monitoring and environmental control applications.

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Resource | 04/23/2018

Functional Safety Incremental Encoders Brochure

Any automated system potentially poses a risk to people, property or the environment. For this reason a number of safety measures have been taken.

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Resource | 04/23/2018

Sensata Precision Switch

Sensata | Klixon hermetic miniature and sub-miniature snap-action switches are ideal for extremely harsh and demanding environments found in aircraft, military, aerospace and aircraft engine applic

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Resource | 03/12/2018

Industrial Pressure Sensors Brochure

World Class Performance

Sensata Technologies offers a wide range of sensing solutions for pressure applications of every kind.

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