Electrification in our Businesses
Electrification Product Portfolio
CES 2024 Tech Talks

Automotive Electrification Solutions Overview

Bill Hedberg, our Strategic Marketing Leader, walks through our latest developments for electric vehicle architecture.

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Clean Energy Solutions Overview

Hear from Justin Colson, our Vice President and General Manager of Clean Energy Solutions, at CES 2024 on how we are helping our partners transition to a clean and efficient world. Explore the full electrification ecosystem and discover how we're the driving force to an electrified world and sustainable future.

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Heavy Vehicle and Off-Road High Voltage Distribution Unit

Our next generation High voltage distribution unit (HVDU) is revolutionizing commercial transportation.


GTM Contactors Overview

We are leveraging our 50 years of experience on a glass-to-metal sealing technology and applying that to our high-voltage switching portfolio to ensure a best in class performance and reliability.

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Automotive Zero Displacement Pedal Demo

Deirdre Hegarty, Strategic Marketing Manager, walks through our zero-displacement pedal assembly demo showcased through the simulator on display at CES 2024.


Aerospace Inceptor and Flight Simulator Demo

At CES 2024, we presented our latest development in pilot controls technology; our inceptor built for eVTOL and used in our flight simulators. At the show, the simulator gave show attendees a firsthand experience of our electrified solutions in action.

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PreView Radar Overview

Our object detection sensors for commercial vehicles alert the operator at all angles, helping to make our roads safer and more connected.

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n3-BMS overview

Hear from Ayoub Sidhom, our Product Marketing Manager for Clean Energy Solutions, at CES 2024, about our newest battery management system, the n3-BMS.

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Sensata EL: Driving Force Toward Sustainable Transportation

Learn all about the Sensata EL initiative and how our legacy is shaping a connected and electrified future. Discover the evolving landscape of electric mobility and the pivotal role Sensata plays in steering its course toward innovation.

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The EVolution Has Started

Sensata INSIGHTS is staying ahead of the EV curve to better support fleet customers.

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Explore How Sensata is Pioneering the Electric Aviation

Join us to explore Sensata's role in shaping the aviation industry through electrification. Get ready to explore the electrifying technologies Sensata offers that are transforming aviation as we know it!

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How Sensata's High Voltage Disconnect Units Are Redefining EV Power Density

Explore how Sensata's approach to systems integration, combined with innovative components, enables market-leading High Voltage Distribution Unit (HVDU) power densities that not only enhance electric vehicle range but also result in significant reductions in weight and cost.