Resource | 05/30/2019

Application Note: Temperature Sensors Help Regulate Emissions in Exhaust Gas Recirculation Systems

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Application: Temperature Sensors

In today's world, it important to regulate the pollutants released by automobiles and other powered vehicles and it is also impo

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Resource | 05/15/2019

Application Note: Chip Conveyor Motor Control in Machine Tools

Machine Tools Application: DRMS Series Hybrid Motor Starter

A chip conveyor system is very common on CNC machine tools where it can be part of the machine or it can be offered as an acces

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Resource | 05/10/2019

Brochure: Motors & Actuators Flyer

Precision linear and rotary voice coil actuators (VCAs) and brushless DC motors (BLDCs) for producing, sensing and controlling motion in the medical, industrial, aerospace and defense markets.

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Resource | 05/09/2019

Installation Guide: DRMS Series Hybrid Motor Starters

DRMS Hybrid Motor Starters are intelligent and convenient solutions for controlling 3-phase asynchronous motors.

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Resource | 05/01/2019

Product Notification: End of Production of Selected Solid State Relays and Input Modules EOP190501

Production of selected Solid Stated Relays and Input Modules has been discontinued.

Impacted product line: Solid State Relays

Effective Date: 1-May-19


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Resource | 04/17/2019

Installation Guide: DRA3 Series

DRA3P & DRA3R 3 Phase AC Contactors and AC Motor Reversing Contactors

DRA3 Series Solid State Contactors offer the advantages of Crydom’s proven state-of-the-art solid state AC switch

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Resource | 04/11/2019

Application Note: Sensata Solutions for Commercial Beverage System

Consumer’s tastes in beverages has grown more eclectic over the years. Restaurants

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Resource | 03/25/2019

Certification: FAA PMA Approvals - Sensata KLIXON Aerospace Part Numbers

Download the full FAA Product Manufacturing Approvals of Sensata | Klixon Aerospace part numbers.

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Resource | 03/19/2019

Certification: Repair, Rotable & Exchange Program

Sensata has the ability to work with you to ensure you have the airworthy article you need through our Repair & Exchange Program.

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Resource | 02/28/2019

Installation Guide: Load Monitoring Module DRML1


Disconnect all power before installing or removing this equipment. Verify all connections and replace all covers before turning on power.

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Resource | 02/28/2019

Installation Guide: PM22 Series Panel Mount SSR

The Sensata | Crydom PM22 Series Solid State Relays were developed to offer the advantages of semiconductor switching technology in a standard 22.5 mm industrial package.

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Resource | 02/28/2019

Installation Guide: PMP Series Proportional Control SSR

The Sensata | Crydom PMP Series Solid State Relays were developed to offer precise control of the power delivered to an AC load in a standard 22.5 mm industrial package.

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