Sensata provides reliable position, speed and inclination sensing products using the latest in optical, magnetic and potentiometric sensing technologies. Our smart devices offering includes a broad range of output options, allowing users to integrate the product in all most common network interfaces.


Serial Interface Position Sensors and Encoders

Serial interfaces use point-to-point wiring systems, but with a digital interface that connects directly to digital PLC’s or microcontrollers. They are cost effective and ensure good speed and resolution, as well as flexible cabling and reliable communication over distances up to a few hundred meters.


IO-Link Position Sensors and Encoders

Sensata is the only manufacturer on the market offering both industrial housed and modular packages with IO-Link interface, both available in absolute single-turn or multi-turn options, which makes us support any type of application in factory automation, material handling, manufacturing engineering, access control or mobile hydraulic machines.

Encoders with BISS Interface

Our encoders with BiSS interface are designed for industrial applications which require high transfer rates, safety, flexibility and a minimized implementation effort.

Fieldbus Interface Position Sensors and Encoders

Fieldbus networks are based on a bus topology, which simplifies wiring for systems with a significant number of devices. They also support powerful diagnostic tools to help with system setup and troubleshooting.


CANopen Absolute Single Turn Encoders

CANopen Absolute Multi Turn Encoders

CANopen Inclinometers

Our inclinometers with CANopen output are compact high-performance sensors used to determine inclination with excellent precision and at a high value.

CANopen Hall Effect Position Sensors

Our Hall Effect position sensors with CANopen output are available in an over-molded, two-part package that offers design flexibility and protection from the environment.

Encoders with DeviceNet Interface

DeviceNet network protocol is used in the automation industry to interconnect control devices to intermediate data exchange and is typically used in safety devices and large I/O control networks.

Encoders with Profibus interface

Ethernet Interface Encoders

Industrial Ethernet systems incorporate hardware and software aimed at providing the ruggedness and performance needed to support large industrial networks. It enables connections between the factory network and the enterprise network, helping to simplify the integration of production, inventory and enterprise management systems.


Encoders with Modbus interface

Modbus is a data communications protocol commonly available worldwide enabling the connection of industrial electronic devices.

Encoders with EtherCAT interface

This protocol is standardized in IEC 61158 and is suitable for both hard and soft real-time computing requirements in automation technology.

Encoders with Ethernet/IP interface

Ethernet/IP is widely used in a range of industries including factory, hybrid and process automation. It can be used for real-time control applications and to ensure consistent implementation of automation functions across a diverse range of products.

Encoders with Powerlink interface

Powerlink is a software-based Industrial Ethernet protocol which can be used for any potential applications in machine and plant engineering, or process industry.

Encoders with Profinet interface

Profinet is an industry technical standard for data communication over Industrial Ethernet, with a particular strength in delivering data of industrial equipment under tight time constraints.